Personal / Private Chef Services


Personalized meals cooked in your home, or delivered to your home. Meals are catered to your tastes, preferences, and diet, and can be cooked immediately before and served fresh, or cooked ahead of time and packaged for your convenience. Meal frequency, schedule, and types of foods prepared are flexible; we will work together to decide on the best fit for you. 

Diet Consultation


Private consultations over the phone or in person, including support, recipes, and meal plans to encourage sustainable and manageable diet and lifestyle changes. Support can include simple ways to eat more fruits and veggies, tips and plans to implement healthy eating habits, personalized meal plans, meal ideas and recipes, and suggestions on ways to use food as a tool to support health issues, such as IBS, food intolerance, anxiety/depression, weight loss/weight gain, etc. 

Cooking Lessons


Private or small group cooking lessons in your home, personalized to help you meet your goals, improve cooking skills, learn simple recipes and meal prep, and make delicious, healthy versions of your favorite meals. 

Pantry Makeovers & Grocery Tours


Session in your home to clean out pantry and refrigerator to remove items that don't support health goals, combined with assisted grocery shopping to learn techniques for affordable shopping, picking the best produce, and finding health-supportive staples for your home. We will wrap up by setting up a clean, organized, and manageable food storage system in your home with new grocery staples.

Pricing: Pricing is determined based on your particular service requests; contact Naomi for more information!